My work involves investigating ideas and themes through series of photographs. I've explored unusual vantage points: trees illuminated at night, tiny scenes made large, and unlikely constructs of stones and flowers. Although each series has its own particular vocabulary they all explore similar themes: the effects time, the interactions of man and nature and most importantly visual energy.

Photographic work inevitably has documentary elements, however my primary focus is not on documentation but on attempts to achieve formal visual poetics. I hope to capture a range of emotional tones from ecstatic to melancholy, from aggression to tenderness. The most successful images exude energy. My ultimate goal is to isolate and refine this power.

The grey skies and cool flat light of Northern Ohio's climate pervades much of my work. This influence is apparent even in work that I compose in the studio. Living in the so-called Rust Belt I'm fascinated by unlikely locations and forms that create scenes of power and beauty. The effects of time are primal in much of my work. Prior to human existence, decay, erosion, and deterioration created the first iconic imagery. These forces inexorably continue to work their magic, often offering us a glimpse of the sublime in the process.

Whether I'm working with scenes that I discover or those that I create in the studio, I'm always interested in seeing subjects anew, from a different perspective, re-contextualized, isolated in an unusual way, or combined with an unexpected element. I'm fascinated by the interplay of positive and negative spaces and the visual alternatives they create. I’m also intrigued by images with competing centers of interest and the dynamic tension that results.